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Ramadan Conversation Map™ Tool

Conversation Map™ Education tools are an innovative education method that use interactive group participation to empower people with diabetes to become actively involved in managing the disease. It is discussion based tools. These education tools have been implemented in 121 countries, are available in 38 languages and approximately 200 Expert trainers are engaged to train and support facilitators around the globe. There are four basic and four advance map tools.

The managing Diabetes during RamadanConversation Map™ education tool is one of advance tools. It has been designed to bebeneficial for both individuals with diabetes and the peoplewho care for them during Ramadan. It does not intend toinfluence a personal decision to fast or not, knowing thatpeople with diabetes are not under any obligation to do soas per medical and religious advice.

Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE) has taken a major part in designing of managing Diabetes during RamadanConversation Map™ education tool under the supervision of Prof.Yakoob Ahmedani. The IDF-Expert trainer and senior Diabetes Educator of BIDE,Miss Erum Ghafoor was the part of core designing team. It has been launched in June 2013, the Map is already used by many countries including Egypt, Gulf countries, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Morocco, UAE, Algeria, Lebanon, Netherlands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sub Sahara Africa, Switzerland, South Africa, Tunisia, Libya and Iraq.

The Map follows a 24 hour journey during Ramadan and provides topics and points of interest to stimulate conversation. It addresses individual decisions within diabetes self-management during Ramadan with consideration of religious exemptions and the risks associated with fasting and diabetes management. Pre-Ramadan medical assessment has been stressed in this novel tool. The potential risk groups and four major complications associated with fasting has been also discussed by means of high tech visuals.The food choices are also beenbring up in this map especially in relation of Ramadan fasting. It is also been converse that in which situations a person with diabetes should break their fast.The tool is beneficial for both individuals with diabetes and their healthcare team.

The goal of the Map is to help participants achieve a safer Ramadan experience through, amongst other items. After the educational session of managing Diabetes during RamadanConversation Map™ education tool, a person with diabetes would be able to create his self-management plan during Ramadan with help of trained facilitator.